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Scuba Steve Swapped Out Diamond In Ex-Wife's Ring Before Divorce

Scuba Steve is always surprising The Bobby Bones Show with stories from his past.

Today (May 5) the show members were talking about the popular jewelry company Tiffany releasing a line of engagement rings for men. Bobby Bones confessed he would love to wear an engagement ring. As for the rest of the guys, they admitted what happened during their proposals. Scuba Steve admitted a story from his past that involved his ex-wife from over 10 years ago.

When Scuba Steve saw the divorce coming with his ex-wife, he saw an opportunity. His ex-wife never wore her wedding ring. So he decided to swap out the diamond in the ring for a fake diamond, a cubic zirconia. They got a divorce shortly after and he was able to pawn the diamond for $1,000. Scuba Steve said as far as he knows his ex-wife never figured it out, and he has no idea where she is now.