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Show Members Share The Dream Job They'd Love To Do For A Day

Kacey Musgraves got to fulfill her dream job recently in Nashville. She took to social media to ask if any shaved ice places were hiring. She apparently has always wanted to serve snow cones. So Musgraves teamed up with Blue Monkey Shaved Ice to fulfill her Blue Monkey Shaved Ice to fulfill a life long dream and serve customers snow cones for free.

The Bobby Bones Show talked about the story and it spun them talking about all of their dream jobs they'd love to do for a day. Check out the variety of interests our has with a dream job below!

  • Bobby wants to be a News Anchor.
  • Amy wants to go to a bird sanctuary and be a Bird Expert.
  • Eddie wants to be a Deep Sea Fisherman.
  • Lunchbox wants to be a Bouncer.
  • Raymundo wants to be a Tornado Chaser.
  • Morgan wants to be a Zoologist.
  • Mike D wants to be a Movie Theater Projectionist.
  • Scuba Steve wants to be a Nascar driver.
  • Hillary wants to be an Interior designer.
  • Phone Screener Abby wants to be a country singer.