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Jake Owen Shared The Time Dolly Parton Sent Him A Heartfelt Note

Jake Owen just scored his 9th number 1 song on country radio with "Made For You." He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share in the excitement, perform a few of his hits, update the show on his daughter Paris' time in the hospital, and what he's been up to lately.

"Made For You" took some time getting to the number 1 spot on country radio, but the song marks 9 number 1s for Owen. He told Bobby Bones that people would think it gets easier to get number 1s after the first few, but that's not the case. He added that it actually gets harder. Nonetheless he's excited to see this song that meant so much to him make it to number 1. Fans who are looking for some new music from Owen will be excited to know he has some things coming. He didn't spill any details on when or what all it would be but there is definitely new songs and as Owen shares himself, "They are bangers!"

With new music and the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic that shut everything down for the last year, Owen is pumped to get back on the road and play for people. He confessed that playing for others is the whole reason he became an artist in the first place. Performing for others is what fulfills him so the time off the road has been difficult in that manner. For his first few shows post-pandemic, Owen is playing with just a guitar and himself along with his friend Larry Fleet. In talking about some old songs, Owen admitted that he really loves all of his number 1 hits so he wouldn't take any of them off the set list. However, "8 Second Ride" is one that makes him cringe when he performs in because of the particular lyric: "Honey, watch the cup // That I'm spitttin' my dip inside." Owen shared that he wrote the song when he was 18-years-old and at Florida State. The song was for his brother who did the exact thing he's singing about with the dip cup, and he's also the one who encouraged Owen to write songs that were for the boys and not just about love.

Owen also shared a really cool story behind an incident with Dolly Parton. He was talking about how he always asks other people to collaborate with him on things, but most of the time it's just a "no." However, when he asked Dolly Parton to do a song with him, he got a much different "no." Parton wrote Owen a long note with her header on it and everything explaining why she couldn't be on the song. She wrote that the song was great, and Owen with his last name reminded her of someone she knows. She told Owen that she felt over-exposed at the moment, but hopes to work together another time. He shared that it was things like that, that set Dolly apart from everyone else and make her Dolly Parton.

Aside from his professional career, people recently saw online Owen's post about his youngest daughter Paris. She was spending her 2nd birthday in the hospital, but didn't give much explanation as to why, just thanking everyone for their love and support. He told the show that she is out of the hospital and doing much better. It turns out they thought she had a cold, but since she battles with skin Eczema, she was experiencing some complications with that and it caused her not to be able to breathe. They had to rush her to the hospital, and doctors kept her overnight. Owen said it was really hard because she's only 2-years-old and couldn't communicate how she was feeling. Though he was really thankful for the outpouring of love and support from the entire country music community that he received when he shared her hospital photo online. And as for an update on his wedding to his fiancé Erica, Owen says they're not really sure when that's happening yet.

Watch Jake Owen perform his hits "Made For You" and "Homemade" on The Bobby Bones Show here.