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Lunchbox Doesn't Want To Pay Parking Ticket He Got After Grabbing Food

Lunchbox was out and about in Nashville when he got a parking ticket. On The Bobby Bones Show today (May 6), he admitted that he doesn't plan to pay it.

When Lunchbox went to pick up food from a restaurant in town, there was no parking on the street. So he pulled into a parking lot where he was parked for 6 minutes. He realized it was a paying parking lot when he found out that it was $10 to park there for the hour. He hoped there might be a grace period and decided not to pay the $10 an hour. Turns out there wasn't any grace period, in the 6 minutes that he was picking up the food he was given a ticket in the private lot. The ticket came in at $60.

Lunchbox admitted during the show that he's not going to pay the ticket. He said it's way too much money to pay for him just trying to pick up food, plus it's not a ticket from a police officer. The ticket came from a private company so he feels like he can get away with not paying it.