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TMSG: Hero Rescues Toddler From Bay After Car Crash

In Maryland, a local community member is being hailed a hero after he rescued a toddler following a car crash.

There was a five-vehicle crash on the Route 90 bridge in Maryland over Assawoman Bay in Ocean City. The crash caused a 2-year-old girl in a car seat to eject from a pickup truck into the water below. Jonathan Bauer was driving on the bridge with his daughter when a car collided with his vehicle. He got out to check on his daughter than saw a person yelling where a truck was teetering over the edge of the bridge.

The person was able to get out of the truck and pointed to the water below where the 2-year-old's car seat was floating along with the little girl, who was on her back. Then the little girl and her car seat flipped and Bauer jumped into action. He jumped in and swam to the water, grabbed the girl and made her spit up water. Then the Oertel family came by in their pontoon boat and got Bauer and the girl out of the water.

When Bauer was recognized for his actions, he pointed out the emergency crews including local police, firefighters, and paramedics who helped in the effort, "This is a team effort, not one person. But a team was successful on that day."

Photo: Getty Images