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TMSG: Draft Pick Throws Party At Homeless Shelter Where He Once Lived

Alabama running back Najee Harris is proof that chasing your dreams is worth it.

During Thursday's NFL Draft, Harris was selected 24th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Before celebrating the huge personal win for himself, he turned to the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program homeless shelter in California where he lived for several years as a kid.

Harris, his parents, and four older siblings all lived in a room at the shelter back in 2010 while struggling with homelessness. Because of his memories of the place, and how much it helped his family, Harris wanted to give something back to the shelter. So he sponsored a NFL draft party for the kids living there. The party had pizza, chicken, football-themed decorations, cupcakes, and goodie bags.

And yes, Harris was there for the party. He took photos and hung out with all the families that lived there. Shelter manager Siu Laulea who worked with Harris back in 2010 told KXAN news, "He did not let his situation dictate his future. It makes me feel proud and makes me enjoy my job more because I know I made a difference in someone's life."

Photo: Getty Images