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Lunchbox's 05 Altima Broke Down In The Middle Of The Highway

Lunchbox has had his 05 Altima for several years. As he put it, the Altima has been through lots of life events with him. So much so that Lunchbox has put 208,501 miles on the car.

That many miles on one car is enough to make someone trade it out to get a new one, or altogether just ditch it. But not Lunchbox with his Altima. He wants to keep it because of all the memories, however he may not have much of a choice but to get rid of it now. While driving on the highway this week, Lunchbox's car broke down in the middle of the highway. He managed to pull over to the shoulder between an exit and the main highway. He had to wait in his car for Triple A while other cars were flying by him.

Larry, the tow truck driver, showed up to get his car and was even willing to give Lunchbox a ride, despite Triple A saying they couldn't give rides. Turns out Larry was a big fan of the Bobby Bones Show, but had no idea that it was Lunchbox. The two bonded and it was a special moment.

Lunchbox got a call late Thursday night that he shared on Instagram Live from the shop working on his car. Turns out the car has several issues and they're not sure if even fixing the issues will help the car in the long run. He had mentioned during the Post-Show that if it was over $100 to fix, he was probably going to just have to give it up and get a new car instead of spending thousands to fix it. We will see what happens!