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Someone On The Show Had To Eat The World's Stinkiest Fruit Called Durian

Durian is a popular tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, and several people love to eat it like it's a delicacy. However, it's also known as the world's stinkiest fruit. It's known to smell like bad odor or gym socks.

The Bobby Bones Show heard about the fruit and decided to do a 'Spin The Wheel.' No one on the show had ever ate it before, so all they knew was the perception of smell and what it looked like. Bobby told the show they could opt out of eating it as long as they donated to St. Jude. After each spin, the donation to St. Jude had to go up by $50. Mike D got chosen by the wheel first, and he planned to eat it until he looked at it. After seeing it and thinking it looked like an alien, he opted to donate $50 to St. Jude instead. Bobby was chosen by the wheel next and he followed Mike D's suit and donated $100 to St. Jude instead.

Chosen third by the wheel was Morgan. She laughed sharing that she didn't have $150 to send to St. Jude at this moment, so she tried the durian. She said it smelled like stinky feet, but after tasting it, she loved it. Morgan said it tasted like a mix of banana and pineapple. She also noted that it had a creamy texture like yogurt. She even went in for seconds because of the sweet taste. Though if anyone else wants to try it, she said maybe not to look at it because the texture could gross you out. Scuba Steve added that the durian cost a whopping $27 for just the one.