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TMSG: Teacher Surprises Student On His Birthday Dressed As Unicorn

California parents Pete and Allison Halvorsen planned a car parade for their son Luke's 10th birthday.

Things were already going great with all the cars driving by. Then a dancing unicorn started dancing down the street. Pete turned on the song "One More Time" from Luke's favorite movie Trolls World Tour and Luke danced with the unicorn safely distanced from his yard.

Under the inflatable unicorn costume was Meadows Elementary teacher Heather Tuttle. She is known for all of her unicorn decorations in her classroom, giving out unicorn gifts and even allowing her students chose her different hair colors. This all has made her known to kids as the "unicorn teacher," which Tuttle believes the unicorn is the perfect symbol for her special students.

Pete Halvorsen said, "It takes a special person to choose that line of work... and Ms. Tuttle putts the Special in Special Education year round."

Photo: Getty Images