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Caitlin On Crying During 'Running Wild' Filming & How Bobby Responded

Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin's episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls finally airs tonight on National Geographic at 9/8 pm CT.

While the experience looking back was amazing, Caitlin admitted that she hated every moment of filming. She shared that while filming you're living in a constant state of fear while also being cold and gross from no showers. She also added that it may suck while doing it, but it ends up being the greatest thing ever afterwards. The filming went down in the Sierra Nevada mountains, basically a freezing cold area of northern California.

Bones and Caitlin got really close with Grylls while filming. They shared that the three of them sat by the campfire for 6 hours, with no cameras, just talking to each other about life and marriage. Caitlin said Grylls' wife didn't want to be in the public eye, so he shared with Bones and Caitlin how they navigated all of it. They talked until about 2 or 3 in the morning about marriage and everything associated with it when it comes to fame like Grylls and Bones have. They even invited Grylls to their wedding, but unfortunately he won't be able to make it.

Caitlin admitted at one point that she did cry and Bones was really sweet during that moment. During that time, he only cared about her and how she was feeling. Bones added that it felt strange for him, because that was the only time with a television project that he didn't care about the cameras or anything, just Caitlin. That moment allowed her to be affirmed in knowing that he would always take care of her in every way, physically and mentally. She would always be his number 1, which she knew but was further affirmed in it.

Fans can be excited in seeing Grylls give them something during the episode that has yet to be revealed.