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TMSG: Strangers Save Family From House Fire

Annie Osman and her husband were watching television in Mesa, Arizona like any normal day when she heard some crazy knocks on the door telling them to "Get out! Get out!"

A witness recalls seeing five young men stopping their cars, running toward the neighborhood, and knocking on several doors yelling "Get out! Get out!" The Osman's neighbor's house was on fire, but because the Osman's air wasn't running, they didn't smell anything. The fire destroyed their neighbor's home, then tore through the Osman's backyard and side wall.

The young strangers who knocked on their door saved the Osman's lives, she told ABC 15, "If we hadn't got out when we did, we wouldn't be here. They saved our life."

One of the neighbors Flabland captured a photo of the five young men and that's the only thing all of the neighborhood has to go off to say thank you to the men who risked their own lives to help save strangers.

Photo: Getty Images