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Bobby & Caitlin Aren't Allowing Phones During Their Wedding Ceremony

During The Bobby Bones Show today (May 19), Bobby Bones gave another update to his wedding to Caitlin after a caller asked about a possible live stream.

A listener called in asking Bones if he and Caitlin plan to live stream their wedding ceremony. Although they aren't going to, Bones did share that there would be all kinds of videography and photography at the wedding. So there will be lots of photos and videos to follow, including a professional announcement from People Magazine.

The announcement with People Magazine is actually the reason why Bones and Caitlin won't have cellphones at their wedding ceremony. They will be asking guests to check their phones, and then they will get them back before the reception.

Also during the wedding update, Bones shared a clip of Caitlin indirectly asking Gary LeVox during On Time With Bobby Bones if he would sing at the wedding. He joked that Shay Mooney (Dan + Shay) would sing Rascal Flatts songs instead of giving an answer.