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Processing Grief. Self-Care. Text & Email Anxiety. Healing from the Heart.

FIRST THING: Author & writing coach, Ally Fallon {@AllyFallon}, joins Amy for this thing to talk about 4 steps you can take to process grief. Inside each step...Ally shares some writing prompts that will help you journal through the healing process of whatever it is you’re grieving {death of a loved one, loss of a job, end of a marriage, etc..}. SECOND THING: Amy wants to encourage everyone {including herself} to write down all things you can do to take care of yourself. A ‘Self-Care List’ if you will. THIRD THING: Do you ever get text and/or email anxiety? Lisa {@LisaHayim, host of ‘The Truthiest Life Podcast’ & co-host of ‘OUTWEIGH’} is on with Amy to share her process when it comes to managing texts and emails...hopefully their chat can help make correspondence a little less overwhelming for some of you! FOURTH THING: Amy’s sister-in-law, Dana Grindal, wrote a book!!! Amy had Dana on to talk about ‘Healing from the Heart’ - a refreshing combination of story, instruction and journaling prompts that lead to peace and revitalization. 

Healing from the Heart:

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