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Google Debuts AI-Powered App To Identify Skin Conditions

It's pretty common with most people to head to Google as the first line of defense when not feeling well. They go to Google and ask what different symptoms mean or what kind of medicine would help them with a specific situation. Before, that wasn't the best idea but it's encouraged.

According to Google's research, people turn to the search engine for common issues of skin, hair and nails to the tune of 10 billion search queries each year. However finding relevant information is more difficult, only 13% actually find what they were looking for. So Google developed an artificial intelligence powered app to help humans better identify dermatologic conditions using their smart phones.

The AI-powered dermatology assist tool is a web-based application. Users can upload three photos of skin, hair, or nail concern and then the tool asks the user a series of questions. The AI analyzes the information and then draws from knowledge of 288 conditions to provide a list of possible matches.

This tool marks Google's first consumer-facing medical device, but the company is not seeking approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the technology. The new search tool will launch this year in markets outside the U.S.

Photos: Getty Images / Google