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Ben Rector Didn't Expect Fans To Love His Shania Twain Cover

Ben Rector recently released a new song "Range Rover" and he appeared on the last season of American Idol. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform the new song as well as talk about getting to tour again.

Rector isn't a country artist, but he definitely dabbles in the genre. He wrote his latest song "Range Rover" with the help of Mark Trussell and country artist Devin Dawson. On the song is prolific musician Steve Winwood who plays his Hammond organ. Rector admits that he didn't think Winwood would join him on the song, but he's really glad he did. In another country connection, Rector performed at Steve Moakler's wedding because the two are close friends. Also in a country music connection, Rector grew up in Oklahoma so he grew up listening to the era of country music that involved Shania Twain. When he went and listened back to Twain's "You're Still The One," he remembered how good it was. So he decided to cover it at a show not knowing how people would react, and it turns out his fans absolutely loved it.

His shows have lots of fans showing up wearing his merch, but it isn't actually his merch. Someone on Amazon knocked off his entire merch line. Surprisingly he's not mad about it, he said he's just happy that fans want to represent him and wear stuff to support him.

He performed his new song "Range Rover" as well as his popular hit "Brand New."