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Lunchbox & His Wife Are Welcoming Another Addition To The Family

The Box family is officially becoming a family of 5!

Lunchbox revealed during The Bobby Bones Show today (May 25) that his wife is pregnant! It is the third baby addition to their family. His wife is due on October 22nd and Lunchbox is so excited. With the addition of this new child, Lunchbox's kids will officially all be about a year apart from one another. Since they have been having a lot of children in a short amount of time, that sparked Amy to say that Lunchbox is "a machine."

As of right now they do not know the gender of the baby, and aren't sure if they will find out beforehand or during the delivery. Lunchbox said that's an open discussion right now.

See two more adorable outtakes below while they were taking photos to share the big announcement with friends and family!