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Lunchbox's 2nd Psychic Opinion Gave Him Another Gravely Answer

Last week on the show, Lunchbox brought audio from a call he did with a psychic and it was very grim audio.

The psychic told Lunchbox that he needed to stop spending money on the lottery because he wasn't going to win. Then added that he needed to spend more time with his wife and children because he didn't have much time left. She anticipated death for him in 2023. The call freaked Lunchbox out so he decided to get another psychic opinion.

He shared the second psychic call today (May 26) noting that the psychic predicted similar things for him. The second psychic also told him to stop playing the lottery, but also knew something very specific about his past life that had to do with an old college roommate. Then she told him she saw a lot of clocks ticking in the near future, though she would specify on what that meant.

While Lunchbox was freaking out with two psychics telling him he's going to die in the near future, Scuba Steve and Mike D admitted something. They orchestrated two friends of Scuba Steves to act as psychics and tell Lunchbox he was going to die in the future to get his response. They admitted the prank after the second psychic and Lunchbox was freaking out.