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TMSG: Woman Ubers Cat To Rescue Group After Saving It From Bad Situation

Furry Friends rescue in Jupiter, Florida has received thousands of animals over the years. However, for the first time an animal arrived in her own car service.

Nurse practitioner Kylie Gross was on her way to work when she saw a tiny kitten running through traffic. She admits to WVTM 13, "I knew I needed to check my surroundings, look both ways, and definitely was hyper-aware of my surroundings this cat mission."

The mission was successful and Gross was able to capture the kitten successfully. However, the kitten managed to crawl underneath Gross' steering wheel and vanished. When Gross got to work, the firefighters and police officers on site at her clinic came over to help her. It took some time and some food, but they were able to get the kitten to come out.

Once the kitten was safe, Gross didn't know what to do with her. She called shelters in Miami, but had no luck in finding one to take the kitten. So then she reached out to Furry Friends Rescue in Jupiter, and they said they'd take her. But since she couldn't get all the way out to Jupiter, she called the kitten an Uber.

Uber driver Jose Jimenez said it's the first time he was asked to take a cat somewhere, but he was happy to do it to get the cat into a loving situation. The total bill for the trip, plus a tip was $160.

Once the kitten arrived, the vets noted that she was a little underweight but otherwise very healthy. She was named Uber, and is up for adoption in the next three to four weeks.

Photo: Getty Images