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Dylan Scott's Son Beckett Is Very "Musically Inclined"

Dylan Scott is currently pushing his song "Nobody" on country radio as well as getting ready to hit the road with Luke Bryan. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the very first time to perform some of his big hits as well as talk about his career.

Before Scott became an artist, he worked in construction and at gyms like Gold's Gym in Louisiana. Then Scott made the right connections to pursue a career in becoming an artist. He connected with a label and got signed before he even moved down to Nashville.

Since being in town, Scott has really focused on his songwriting and pursuing a long career. He admitted that he's hard on his own songwriting and really pushes songs to be the best. He even wrote his latest single "Nobody" on the back of his tour bus and immediately knew it was a hit.

Scott isn't just a country artist, he's also a very loving dad. His two kids often hear his songs on the radio, but only one of them really recognizes his voice. His daughter is too young, but his son Beckett definitely knows and loves it. Scott added that Beckett is very musically inclined and he wouldn't be surprised with he ends up pursuing music some day. However, Scott isn't going to push his kids to do anything, he just wants to back them 100% in whatever they want in life.

Dylan Scott performed his two big hits "My Girl" and "Hooked."