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Raymundo Spills Two "Country Music Secrets" He Believes Are True

Raymundo likes to bring a segment to The Bobby Bones Show to confess some country music secrets he has learned through his "many connections."

During today's (May 28) secrets, he shared two different ones. One he shared that is 100% true about a country artist who doesn't allow phones around them. He said that the country artist requests every person who is around them not have their phones. Especially when at their home, any guests have to check their phone at the front door with the security guard.

The other country music secret was about a country couple who may be splitting up in the coming months. Raymundo said there is a Reddit thread going on about a big country couple that is getting a divorce in the next few months. He gave little details about the couple, but shared that the male in the situation is the A-List country star.