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Eddie Started Training For His Walk And It's Not Looking Great

After claiming "Carrying Your Love With Me" from West Virginia to Tennessee wasn't that big of a deal, Eddie is having to put his money where his mouth is. The Bobby Bones Show listeners raised over $50,000 for National Angels and because of that Eddie has to walk from West Virginia To Tennessee in the coming weeks.

A listener called into the show to encourage Eddie to start training for the walk. The walk is a little under 100 miles, and that's no easy feat so our listener said that Eddie's feet will be ill-prepared if he doesn't train in some manner before the big walk happens. The listener encouraged Eddie to walk on an incline at lest 5 miles a day. Over the Memorial Weekend, Eddie started his training. So far he's logged 15 miles, 3 days with 5 miles a day at an incline. He admitted that his feet are already hurting, his calves are sore, and he might have pulled one of his muscles. But he insisted that he "will persevere!"

To donate to Eddie's walk... listeners can donate here!