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Abby Sang At Carnegie Hall & On The Great Wall Of China As Backup Singer

Amy was sharing the story about the 3-year-old piano prodigy becoming the youngest ever to play Carnegie Hall in her Pile Of Stories when we learned some crazy fun facts about a member on The Bobby Bones Show.

Our phone screener Abby has shared before that she wants to be an artist and has pursued her dream of being a singer in different ways. It turns out, she has actually performed at Carnegie Hall before. She was asked along with other kids at her school in Wichita, Kansas to perform as backup singers for the group The Prairie Rose Wranglers. The group performed at Carnegie Hall and that's when Abby performed as their backup singer. She also went along with the same group to China. They got to perform on The Great Wall Of China, although that one she had to pay for the trip in order to go. She thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience so she of course paid to go. Two crazy experiences with a group that she wasn't really familiar with, but is now really glad she decided to go because it gave her fun memories.