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Food World: Arizona Ice Cream Shop Selling Dill Pickle Flavor

Arizona ice cream shop Sweet Republic is known for its unusual flavors like coconut cashew curry, jalapeño avocado ice cream, bacon & dates, honey lavender among several others.

They announced a new flavor as part of their Mother's Day appreciation series that came from the owner's pregnancy craving. She shared that pickles was a huge craving for her during her pregnancy 4 years ago, so she wanted to create an ice cream inspired by that. It's flavor is called Dill Pickle and they created it with fresh organic dill steeped overnight and then added chopped pickles at the end of the churn.

She encouraged patrons to try it with an open mind because she understands it's "hard to imagine" but thinks most people will be pleasantly surprised.

People can try the Dill Pickle flavor at one of Sweet Republic's three shops in Arizona in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe locations.

Photo: Getty Images