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Chayce Beckham Saw His Name On Card Right Before Winning 'American Idol'

Chayce Beckham was just announced as American Idol's Season 19 winner. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for his first ever appearance on the show to talk about his time on American Idol, confess something that happened during the finale, and share his time as an artist before he went on the show.

Beckham didn't want to go on the show originally. His parents pushed him to audition, so he admits he owes all of his success to his parents not just for this but for his entire career. He had given up on himself, almost as a person, and his parents were the ones who continued to believe in him. He said that for the rest of his life, he owes everything to them. He wants to make sure they're taken care of, which he plans to do with his entire career.

He set a goal that if he didn't get anywhere in music by 25-years-old, he would quit. Before American Idol he was working a blue collar job where he had to have extensive knowledge of construction equipment. Thankfully his parents pushed him to go audition for American Idol where he ended up winning the whole season because he's turning 25 next month. Bobby Bones, American Idol mentor, said of Beckham that he was never rattled, he often saw Beckham just really cool and collected. Beckham added that he never thought he'd win, and he didn't care if he lost, he was emotionally prepared to lose.

When Beckham was announced as the winner, a lot of fans noticed he didn't look surprised on stage. Turns out there was something to that. Beckham admitted for the first time that as he was standing next to host Ryan Seacrest, the card was so huge that he actually saw his name on the card as the winner before Seacrest announced it. So that's why when the cameras panned to him, he didn't look shocked because he had about 10 seconds already to prepare for the announcement. The winners do get a big money prize, along with his title of Season 19 winner, Beckham also received $250K.

During his time on the show, he played his original song "23" and it crushed the charts. He's loved getting to see fans react to the song because some people are partying up to it, while others admit it makes them emotional. Now Beckham is just excited to get to work. He wants to head into the studio right now to work on his first official project.