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Zac Brown Has Picked Up Hobbies Of Spear Fishing & Playing Pool

Zac Brown Band are about to head back on tour after the pandemic kept everyone off the road the last year, and they just released a new song called "Same Boat." Zac Brown stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new song as well as fellow country artist Niko Moon, and what hobbies he's kept himself busy with lately.

With their new song "Same Boat," Brown hopes that fans can interpret the song in different ways. He wrote the song in a way that you can either party to it or get a message you may need. Despite being the one who writes a lot of songs for the group, Brown admitted that he doesn't feel like he's an expert at anything, however he dabbles in a lot of things. One of his favorite things to do is spear fishing, where you go into the water and kill fish with a spear. He also loves to play pool, he hopes that as he gets older he can become a truly good pool player. Brown is also known for his multiple tattoos that cover his body, but he recalled the most painful tattoo he's ever had done. He got a tattoo done in between his fingers, his wedding band, and it almost made him throw up several times in the process.

While Brown has been hanging out in Georgia and Nashville during the pandemic, he admitted he slid by any possible fans in public with the help of an incognito look. Whenever he's off the road, he'll wear a ball cap and keep his beard super short so know one recognizes his signature look. He enjoys getting by under the radar, saying that he doesn't pander for attention if he's not on a stage.

A country artist that we partially have Brown to thank for is Niko Moon. Brown saw Moon playing in Georgia a few years back and has believed in him ever since that first performance. The two have written songs together and collaborated on a few different projects now. Brown added that at this point, his kids are listening to playlists and Niko is on those playlists. He says Moon totally deserves it.