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Lunchbox & Raymundo Attempt To Crush Watermelons With Their Thighs

Las Vegas bodybuilder Kortney Olson was recently in the news for breaking a world record. She crushed three watermelons with her thighs in only 7.63 seconds.

Now, we knew no one on the Bobby Bones Show could beat that impressive record, but we wanted to see if anyone on the show could crush just one watermelon with their thighs. Raymundo and Lunchbox were both up to try the task as long as they made some money if they actually got it. Raymundo some how got talked down to making $75 and Lunchbox was set to make $100.

When they attempted it today, Raymundo was able to smash his in under 1 minute with some of his old wrestling techniques. Lunchbox was able to put some thigh dents in a watermelon but he wasn't able to smash it in a minute. Raymundo came in and was able to smash Lunchbox's watermelon too, bringing his total back up to $100. So Raymundo made $100 for his double watermelon smashing with his thighs, while Lunchbox made $0.