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Everyone Shares The Moment They Got Star Struck

The Bobby Bones Show members get to do some really cool things and it's not lost on them. During the show today (June 11), a listener called in today asking if any of the show members had ever been star struck when meeting a celebrity.

Bobby admitted that his star struck moments always involve his childhood idols like when he sat between Barry Switzer (Oklahoma Head Football Coach) and Eddie Sutton during a flight. Another one was once Arkansas Razorbacks athlete Gwen Grovy. He added that meeting Garth Brooks for the first few times and Mark Chesnutt would always be cool moments as well.

Amy said her moment was when Amy Grant came into the studio. Eddie says that he gets star struck every time Garth Brooks comes into the studio despite meeting him several times now. Lunchbox's star struck moment happened at a bar when he met Johnny Bananas (MTV Challenge) at a bar and couldn't stop talking. Morgan shared hers was her first day working for The Bobby Bones Show when they brought Shania Twain in, who has been her idol for her whole life. She also noted that Dolly Parton was another moment in studio she got star struck. Raymundo's moment was when Steven Tyler came into the studio and he taught the show how to sing like he does.