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We Share Our First Experiences With Other Show Member's Hobbies

During The Bobby Bones Show last week, each show member drew a "hobby out of a hat" from another show member that they had to start doing this week.

Bobby got Lunchbox's hobby of watching Teen Mom, Amy got Raymundo's hobby of watching The Weather Channel, Lunchbox got Amy's hobby of bird watching, Eddie got Bobby's hobby of listening to an Arkansas Razorback hobby, Morgan got Eddie's hobby of diamond art, and Raymundo got Morgan's hobby of boxing. With each of their hobbies chosen, everyone had to start their hobby over the weekend.

For the most part, everyone is enjoying their different hobbies for the week. Bobby admitted he isn't fond of the TV show Teen Mom, and he feels a little weird watching teens. Lunchbox took on bird watching in a different way by taking his kids to the park and feeding the birds there. Amy doesn't have The Weather Channel, so she's been watching different weather-related shows. Eddie said it was a rough time to start listening to an Arkansas Razorback podcast after their baseball team just lost the big game. Morgan said her hobby is a little tedious for her OCD, but she's still enjoying it. Raymundo did some boxing at his apartment complex, and plans to go to a boxing class with Morgan during the week.