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High Valley Has Known About Brother Leaving The Band For Over A Year

High Valley, most notably known for their single "Make You Mine" recently announced some really big news about their band. Band member Curtis, one of the faces of the band and one of the brothers, announced he was leaving the group to go back to Canada. The other face of the band Brad, and Curtis' brother, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the big news and how the band is handling things.

The band has known about Curtis leaving the band for over a year now, however they decided to not make the announcement until it was closer to their first festival dates post-pandemic. When Curtis asked Brad and his wife to come over and make the announcement over a year ago, he was really nervous and it was a hard decision for him. While Curtis was trying to share the news, Brad admitted he interrupted him to tell him that he knew what was coming and it was "all good." Curtis ultimately made the decision to take his family back to Canada where they're from, so they could raise their family around their other family members.

Despite the difficult decision for Curtis, Brad said everyone is all still good with him. He added that the band has always been about faith and family and it would be hypocritical for him to be upset that he's putting his family first. On the other hand, it wasn't a difficult decision for Brad to continue on with music despite his brother leaving. He shared that there was a band for 10 years before Curtis joined, so he's just thankful they got some years together to perform music. He also had to laugh because there used to be 3 brothers in the band, and the other one left to go back to Canada too.

Brad is excited to continue the band's journey on, just as he said the other members are as well because, "It was never an option to stop playing."