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TMSG: Five Teens Rush Into House to Save 97-Year-Old From Almost House Fire

A group of five teenagers in Hampshire ranging between the ages of 16 and 18 are being praised for their heroism.

The group was out enjoying their last day of vacation, walking along the beach shore on the Isle of Wight when they noticed smoke coming out of a house. They sensed something was off, so they started banging on the door of the home. After receiving no response, they entered the home to see if anyone was home or needed help. They located a 97-year-old woman, who is hard of hearing, and had no idea the alarms were going off.

One of the teens, Mark Meyer realized the microwave was the cause of the smoke. So he unplugged the appliance and then used water to douse the smoldering heat pack inside the microwave. The teens removed the microwave and then opened the windows and doors in the home to vent out the smoke. They found a relative in the address book of the confused older woman, who quickly rushed to the home.

They determined an ambulance was needed after seeing the woman was in a state of shock and suffering from smoke exposure.

Thanks to the teens, the 97-year-old woman returned home with no injuries and her home without any serious damage.

Photo: Getty Images