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Open Mindedness. Imposter Syndrome. Random Recommendations. Gratitude.

FIRST THING: Amy’s brother, David, joins her to discuss Stanford Professor Paul Saffo's “Strong Opinions, Weakly Held” process...which is: “Allow your intuition to guide you to a conclusion, no matter how imperfect — this is the ‘strong opinion’ part. Then –and this is the ‘weakly held’ part– prove yourself wrong. Engage in creative doubt. Look for information that doesn’t fit, or indicators that point in an entirely different direction. Eventually your intuition will kick in and a new hypothesis will emerge out of the rubble, ready to be ruthlessly torn apart once again. You will be surprised by how quickly the sequence of faulty forecasts will deliver you to a useful result.” SECOND THING: Licensed therapist & host of You Need Therapy Podcast, @KatDefatta, is on to discuss “Imposter Syndrome” with Amy. THIRD THING: Random recommendations...a new affordable styling option & new TV shows Amy is enjoying. FOURTH THING: Gratitude!! Amy shares ‘4 things’ she is thankful for and hopes that you’ll take the time to do the can even email her the things you’re grateful for:

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