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Brantley Gilbert Says It Was Difficult To Get Toby Keith For New Collab

Brantley Gilbert just released a collaboration with Toby Keith and Hardy called "Worst Country Song Of All Time." Gilbert stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new collaboration and how it all came together.

The song inspiration started with Hardy, who had the song title written out, and went to Gilbert with the idea for the song. Gilbert admitted things happened so quickly that before he knew it they had written the entire song out together. However, it wasn't as easy to get Toby Keith on the song. Gilbert had hung out with Keith before, but he didn't immediately jump on the song. Despite having to campaign a bit, Gilbert says he feels very lucky to get to do a song with Keith noting that he stands for what he believes in, but he also knows how to have a good time.

Gilbert is excited to fans to hear this song as it's showing a different side of him that his fans don't normally get to see. This song brings out his "tongue and cheek" side. The whole song is meant to be funny and really light-hearted, which Gilbert believes is what we need right now.