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Brett Eldredge Performs Unreleased Song "I Want That Back"

Brett Eldredge has kept himself very busy during the pandemic despite not getting to tour. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about what he's been up to like creating new music, as well as new exercises he's been doing.

While the pandemic was hard on a lot of individuals, Eldredge used the time to better himself. He took up hiking, meditation and long distance running to help his mental health. He trained for a marathon, which as most of his fans know he trained and completed during the course of the pandemic, however his training made him lose a lot of weight. So now Eldredge is focused on trying to eat more and lift weights. His whole purpose is to just feel good. Hiking is something that definitely makes Eldredge feel good, so much so that it has inspired some of his new music he's been working on.

He's really been focused on his new music in the recent weeks. He shared that he's written about 8 of the songs for the new record and he just started recording them in the studio. However, he's not super protective over keeping them locked up and hidden. He admitted that he likes to share them with his fans sometimes to see what they think and how they feel from it. He performed an unreleased song "I Want That Back" while on the show, and it is one of the songs he wrote. The song inspiration came at 4 a.m. in the heat of pandemic times. He was taking a hard look at all of the things in his life, what he wanted to keep around and what he didn't. That's when the lyrics to the chorus just showed up to him in the middle of the night. Then he reached out to his friend Scooter to help finishing writing the rest of the song. He plans to release the song within the next few months.

Eldredge is excited to hit the road for his Good Day Tour with special guest Morgan Evans. He shared that fans can probably expect to hear "Good Day" as the first song when he hits the stage.