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Meteorologists From Viral Tornado Proposal Photo Talk About The Big Moment

Tom and Raya were just two meteorologists from Wichita, Kansas showing off their love when things took a very viral turn recently. They shared a photo of Tom proposing to Raya in front of a tornado, and the photo went viral. They came on The Bobby Bones Show to share the entire experience.

The confessed that both of them had this idea to propose/be proposed to in front of a tornado, but it was never actually discussed between the two of them. And despite them both being meteorologists in the same town, they had never seen a traditional Kansas or Oklahoma thunderstorm together. So this tornado was not only their first true weather experience together, but it was one they would never forget. The two of them had been dating for 4 years so Tom thought the chances of Raya saying yes to his proposal were good. However, that didn't calm his nerves. Raya said after the proposal, that was the most nervous she had ever seen Tom. He was trembling, but she didn't really notice it until after the proposal was over and she said yes. Tom was all nerves because of the proposal, but not because of the tornado in the background. He shared that Raya is a great meteorologist, so he knew that she wouldn't put them in a position that was unsafe. That particular tornado wasn't going to get to where they were until at least an hour.

Now that the very exciting proposal is done, the two are focused on their wedding and marriage. They plan to get married in May 2023, which they acknowledged is tornado season. Tom added, "Every night i get to go home with her is like getting to go home with a super hero."