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TMSG: Dog Survives Rattlesnake Bite After Stepping In To Protect Teen Owner

A 7-year-old Labrador retriever named Marley is a hero after intervening between his owner and a rattlesnake.

18-year-old Alex Loredo was doing laundry at his family's house in San Diego when their family dog Marley came to his rescue. Since the family's laundry room is separated from their house, Loredo walked outside after hearing the dryer's buzzer. Upon walking outside, he heard a rattling underneath a table, a foot away from him. It was a rattlesnake ready to strike.

Loredo told NBC San Diego, "Before I could even turn, Marley had run out the door, pushed me out of the way, and gotten in between the snake and me. My heart just dropped. My first thought was, 'Oh no, I'm going to lose my best friend.'"

The rattlesnake bit Marley twice. Once on his tongue and the other on his neck. Loredo grabbed Marley and with his mother, rushed Marley to the vet hospital. After a few doses of antivenom and two days in the animal hospital, the brave pup returned home and recovered from the whole ordeal. He will suffer from nerve damage on his tongue and jaw as well as require medication and weekly therapy visits in the coming years, but thankfully he survived and is back to his playful self.

The GoFundMe for Marley the Hero has raised over $12,000, surpassing their $8,000 goal. If you want to still help the pup, you can donate here.

Photo: Getty Images