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People Online Have Offered To Pay Morgan Big Money For Feet Photos

The Internet can be a super weird place and Morgan found that out the hard way. On her Instagram page, Morgan posts about her life and sometimes photos of herself. Turns out when she posts something in particular she gets a lot of requests from strangers.

The Bobby Bones Show was talking about a story where a woman with 4ft 10in long hair gets constant requests on social media from admirers who want to pay to touch her long locks. That's when Morgan admitted that she gets strange requests on social media... foot photos. Whenever she posts photos that include her feet exposed in them, she gets direct messages from strangers asking her to send them photos of her feet. And not only that, they're willing to pay her. One stranger was willing to pay $500 for some feet pictures. Morgan said she would never do that, because it feels dirty. She also added that most of the strangers are people in serious relationships all over their Instagram page.

Bobby and Lunchbox couldn't understand why Morgan wouldn't just send photos of her feet for that amount of money, but Amy agreed with Morgan in the fact that selling photos of any part of her body is strange.