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WATCH: Eddie Is On His Walk From West Virginia To Tennessee

Eddie's walk from West Virginia to Tennessee has officially started!

He started on Father's Day - June 20th, hitting his goal of walking over 16 miles for the first day. During his second day of walking, he completed 25 total miles, surpassing his goal by a few miles. Right now he is currently on his third day of walking and hoping to walk at least 23 miles. If he completes the goal for today, then he will successfully be able to complete the last of his adventure during The Bobby Bones Show tomorrow morning (Wednesday, June 23). During his live stream diaries happening on our YouTube page so far, Eddie has opened up about the charity he's doing this all for, his situation with his two foster kids, and he's even had several listeners drop in to say hello.

We will continuously update this page with the latest live streams. Keep in mind, he can't stream constantly as his service is very spotty in some locations. Listeners can hear why this whole walk came together and the origin story here. If anyone wants to donate to The National Angels organization Eddie is making this big walk for, donations accepted here.

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He also did a live with Morgan while on the later part of his walk during Day 3. He answered all of the questions sent in by listeners and talked with Morgan about how he's feeling, how excited he is that people are supporting his cause, and if he plans to do the walk as an annual thing.