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TMSG: Local Business Installs AC Unit For Free For Teen On Hospice Care

13-year-old Viktoria Leen has been fighting a battle for her life and unfortunately in recent weeks her health took a turn.

Her mom Lea Leen told KPTV that she spent three nights in the hospital recently, but there was nothing more they could do for Viktoria so they brought her home. Viktoria is on hospice care and her family is doing everything they can do to make her comfortable in her final days.

The family is already dealing with an unimaginable situation and then their air conditioner broke just as Portland, Oregon's temperatures reached the highest they'd been all year. On a good day, Viktoria already doesn't do well with heat and they needed to keep her cool. So they were desperate to get their air conditioner fixed.

That's when Sam Murzea, the owner of MP Heating and Air Conditioning got connected with the Leen family through a friend. He cleared his schedule and went out immediately to help the family. Unfortunately the unit was more than 25 years old and beyond repair, it was going to cost the family $12,000 to replace it.

Murzea and his company replaced it, but when they sent the family the invoice, the balance was zero. Murzea said he knew all along that he wasn't going to charge them for whatever services they needed. He told KPTV, "That was like all the payment I ever needed and she deserves it more than anybody."

Photo: Getty Images