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Lunchbox Found A Wallet & Tried To Return It For A Reward

Lunchbox was out at the park with his family when he found a very small wallet.

The wallet had all the important pieces of someone's information in it from credit cards to a driver's license. Lunchbox found it just left at the park. He and his wife tried to reach out to the owner via Facebook to let them know they had their wallet. However, they got no response. Looking up the driver's license address, they saw they were nearby the home.

So Lunchbox took the wallet to the house and knocked on the door. He told the person who opened the door that he had found a wallet leading him to this address. The person was very thankful, however Lunchbox was expecting a reward. The wallet and the home were both really nice spots, so he assumed he may get some kind of reward for returning the wallet with everything still in it. However, the owner of the wallet gave Lunchbox no reward and just said a big thank you.