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TMSG: 16-Year-Old Buys Repossessed Storage Units To Help Owners Get Items

What started out as a way for 16-year-old Shane Jones to make extra cash, turned into a way for him to help other people.

He initially decided to buy storage units to make some extra cash over the summer, but it wasn't long before he realized he shouldn't profit from the items in the units. Instead he wanted to find a way to return the items to the former owners and their families. Since starting his project last summer, Jones has helped reunite three families with the contents inside their former storage units.

Jones told People, "I started out thinking that bidding at a storage auction was kind of like a yard sale, but now I know that's not true. These people didn't choose to give me this stuff. They didn't have a choice. It's almost like a duty to give it back."

He detailed the three families and their stories while talking to People where one owner was in jail and unable to afford the unit, another was a couple who passed away, and another was a mother who lost her job and a child in recent years.

Photo: Getty Images