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Dierks Bentley Details Biking Injury That's Left Him With Chronic Pain

Dierks Bentley has found his second home in Colorado with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about his new activities and what he's been up to the last several months as he just scored his 20th number 1 radio single with "Gone."

Fans may have noticed that Bentley has been doing a lot of outdoor activities during his time off over the past year. He shared that when everything stopped last year, he saw a lot of people deep dive into their music but for him, he ran away from music. He wanted to make up for the 20+ years he's spent on the road whether that was in a gravel parking lot or hungover and tired on a tour bus. He wanted to shift his life and make up for all of that time on the road and get outdoors. He's been biking, hiking, and doing anything to be outside with his family and friends.

One outdoor activity Bentley really got into during his time off is biking. However things haven't been going super smooth. Bentley shared that he has a crazy injury after he did a 100 mile gravel bike race. During mile 60, he was going around 30 mph downhill when he went over the handlebars and hit his head and hip really hard. Despite the fall, Bentley got up and was able to finish the rest of the race. However, he did suffer an injury from it. He has a C4/C5 Disk pressing against his nerve, making his neck have constant pain. He confessed that it was a hard fall, but it was the best one he could have had if he was going to have one.

Having too much fun with his outdoor activities, Bentley wasn't ready to get back into his music making when he was sent the song "Gone." Songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Niko Moon, and Ben Johnson wrote the song together and sent it over to Bentley. His wife heard the track and encouraged him to work it up. While working it up, Bentley was getting frustrated and was in a bad mood because he wasn't ready to get back into music. He admitted that he's glad his wife made him keep at it because the song just went number 1 on country radio. The new hit marks Bentley's 20th number 1 hit.

Bentley has enjoyed getting to play live music again. He just played a Bluegrass festival in Telluride, he has his Seven Peaks Music Festival coming up with Keith Urban as one of the co-headliners alongside him, and then he hits the road for his tour with special guests Riley Green and Parker McCollum.