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TMSG: Retired Veteran Donates Over 50,000 Pennies To Charity

Since 1984, veteran William H. Cutler has been picking up pennies. Now he's doing something good with all of his collected coins.

Cutler joined the army in 1955 and began basic training in Ft. Riley, Kansas. He served two hours in Vietnam, volunteering for the second. For the last 64 years, he's been married to Marie Cutler. Together they have three children and their grandchildren are the ones who have helped Cutler collect his pennies over the years.

Every penny Cutler picked up went to a jar, once he reached $500, he started looking for an organization to donate the money. He chose the organization House Of Heroes. When he took the pennies in, they were almost 300 pounds in weight. Some of his first pennies in the group came from Germany, and his oldest penny is from 1917.

Getting to donate the pennies felt so great for Cutler that he plans to do it again. He also hopes that when he gets better medically that he can volunteer at House of Heroes. Until then, his donation will allow the organization to build their 1,200th house in Columbus, Georgia.

Photo: Getty Images