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Eddie Has Big Surprises Planned For Bobby's Bachelor Party

Bobby's Bachelor Party is coming up in the next several weeks and he's already a little concerned.

First off, Bobby Bones doesn't like calling it a bachelor party because he is a 41-year-old man and feels that "bachelor" is a very young term. However, there isn't really another name for what he is doing, which is hanging out with all of his groomsmen and friends on a weekend trip before his wedding.

He shared they're headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas and he already took care of travel and where they're staying. He also admitted that he planned the whole thing and didn't let Eddie, his best man, plan anything. He doesn't like surprises and doesn't want to do anything crazy so he assumed he should take care of things. But Eddie wanted to make sure there was a little bit of expected things still happening at Bobby's Bachelor Party. He told Bones during The Bobby Bones Show this morning that he has some surprises up his sleeve for the weekend. They may or may not include matching-shirts, some events during the evenings, and a name for their bachelor party.

Bones was not thrilled with the idea that there were things happening he doesn't know about. He said it makes him nervous and now he's a little worried because he doesn't want it to be a traditional bachelor party.