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Lunchbox Thought About Scalping 'Tickets' To Bobby's Wedding

Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin's wedding is coming up in a few months and the excitement for the big day is real.

Everyone on the show is invited and as Bones continues to share little details about the big day, everyone is getting excited. He's mentioned a few of the special guests that might be in attendance from his famous friends list and it's made things even more exciting to fans. Some fans are so excited that they've reached out to Lunchbox trying to find ways into the wedding.

Lunchbox said he was offered $1,000 by a couple to get snuck into the wedding. He admitted that he was debating doing it because he doesn't think Bones and Caitlin would notice two randoms among the crowd. He assumed they would probably each think it was each other's cousin and then let it be. Then he would have $1,000 to pocket away for doing basically nothing.

However, Bones said that if Lunchbox actually followed through with something like that, that it would possibly be grounds for firing him.