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Nick Offerman On Playing Ron On 'Parks And Rec' & Working With Chris Pratt

Nick Offerman has his own TV show Making It about to start its third season, but most fans know him for his role as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories on his infamous role as well as she some more details on his new project.

Admittedly, Offerman says he gets called Ron more often than he gets called anything else. He doesn't mind it though because that means his work in that character was so effective, and jokingly added that his college should be proud. When asked about working with Chris Pratt, Offerman shared a story of them meeting a few years before the show ever started. The two of them met at a pool party and Offerman thought Pratt was a superhero looking guy then. He assumed he would play that role in Hollywood because had the body, he's funny, smart, and charming. Though he was more impressed when Pratt showed up on Parks and Recreation having gained a bunch of weight and being super hilarious in his role. Offerman added that Pratt was dealt the "right hand of cards by Mother Nature, I will never be surprised when he pulls off super human feats."

As for his latest project, Offerman is an executive producer of the show Making It and he's one of the hosts with his friend Amy Poehler. Both actors are known for their comedic takes on roles, and Offerman admitted that it can be difficult to work with other funny people because there's constantly jokes being told. However with him and Poehler, they've worked together for so long that they've been able to work out all of the inefficiencies. At this point in working together, they've found the right balance of jokes and getting the work done. Making It is a show that's all about people making things with their hands out of simple things like a box of popsicle sticks or a ball of twine. Despite Offerman's ability to wood work, he is super impressed with the things people come up with on the show. With all of the negativity in the world, Offerman loves that this show can bring a full dose of positive medicine to its viewers.