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Raymundo Got An Email Back From Subway Over Their Tuna Situation

In the last several months there has been an entire uprising over Subway's tuna sandwiches. A lawsuit got filed over their tuna sandwiches and then a lab report found there's no actual tuna DNA in its sandwiches and wraps.

The whole situation has upset several patrons of the sandwich restaurant, including Bobby Bones Show's own Raymundo. He said back during his bodybuilding and modeling days he would eat their tuna sandwiches thinking it was something healthy for him to eat.

So after the entire lawsuit and report came out, Raymundo sent off a fiesty email to Subway's CEO claiming he paid thousands of dollars for tuna sandwiches over several years that he believed were full of tuna. He wanted compensation and an apology.

Raymundo did hear back from the sandwich company, but it was from the Subway Cares team not the CEO. They gave him a $50 gift card for being a loyal customer, but there wasn't an apology and not near the compensation he was hoping to get.