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TMSG: Fourth Of July Parade Float Stops To Save Man's Life

Martial arts teacher Joan Cather was on a Fourth of July parade with a fellow ATA Martial Arts instructor, who is also an off-duty area police officer, when they experienced something happen in the crowd.

They saw a parade-goer in the crowd that needed medical attention. Cather and the fellow instructor jumped off their float and ran to assist. Cather accounting the incident told KXAN that when they ran up to the gentleman, there was no pulse. Cather began performing CPR and her instructor started doing compressions. The CPR worked and thankfully the man was breathing again as first responders arrived.

But they didn't just save one person, a few minutes later after jumping back on their float, they stopped to help another parade-goer who appeared to be overheated.

As for their parade, Cather's students and junior instructors scored a first-place trophy for the performance category. However, she told KXAN that was just the icing on the cake for the day, “To help somebody on the side that we didn’t know? It didn’t matter. Because that’s what good people do. When you’re a good person, I believe that you reach out and you take care of people.”

Photo: Getty Images