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TMSG: Police Officer Pulled Man From A Burning Car After Crash

Officer Luke Pauly in Michigan was dispatched to the scene of a roll over accident when he became a hero.

Before arriving, Officer Pauly knew that there was a car on fire, but he could have never known what events would unfold once he arrived. After being the first to arrive at the scene, bystanders told him someone was in the car. Pauly saw the man was moving inside and attempting to get out, but was fading in and out of consciousness. That's when Officer Pauly jumped into action and dragged the man out of the car and into safety. His dash cam footage caught the entire rescue mission and he's being hailed a hero.

Pauly doesn't think of himself as a hero, he told Fox 2 Detroit that he just did what is in his job description and gave credit to the other officers who responded that night.

Photo: Getty Images