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TMSG:Father-Son Duo Rescue Missing Boater 40 Miles Off North Carolina Coast

Andrew Sherman and his son Jack Sherman were out deep-sea fishing off the North Carolina coast when they were able to help a missing boater.

While deep-sea fishing, another boat nearly ran the Shermans over. They looked over to see the pilothouse in the other boat where there would typically be someone driving, but no one was standing there. So they picked up their lines, and turned their boat around to chase the boat down.

They caught up to the boat and were able to match the speed of about 10 miles per hour so Jack could jump onto the other boat. Once Jack was on the boat, he told his dad that no one was on the boat. From there, he discovered the captain's ID and other personal gear on board. They notified the Coast Guard, and an all-call went out on the radio searching for a man overboard.

With Andrew being a lifelong fisherman and Jack being a student at the Naval Academy, the father-son duo weren't going to just see how things play out so they started searching for the missing captain. They used the boat's multiple GPS units to look at historical data and see where the boat came from.

After a few passes, they found the missing captain Sascha Scheller. He was flailing his arms in the water to get their attention. He had been treading water for nearly three hours when Andrew rushed over to get him on board of the boat. Scheller was very thankful for the Shermans and their expertise in boating to save his life.

Photo: Getty Images