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Lunchbox Asks Strangers To Put Sunscreen On His Back During Beach Trip

Lunchbox spent his 4th of July vacation in Florida with his family, but he couldn't leave the trip without some fun audio to bring back to The Bobby Bones Show.

On his first day back, Lunchbox shared some audio of him on the beach. He went up to strangers telling them that he was on a solo trip and didn't have anyone to put sunscreen on his back. He wanted to see how many strangers were willing to put sunscreen on his back despite not knowing him. Surprisingly 3 people were willing to step up to the plate to put the sunscreen on Lunchbox's back, however 2 strangers weren't so optimistic and told him to find someone else to do it.

Whether or not you're someone who is willing to put sunscreen on a stranger, listen to the audio above and give yourself a good laugh.